Reliable and fast patient transport

Air ambulance

We organise non-emergency patient transport within Europe, as well as repatriation flights back to the patient's home country. Private air transport is able to take into account the individual restrictions and medical reasons for the patient's travel and, if necessary, monitor and manage the patient's condition throughout the flight.

We work with healthcare providers who are responsible for the patient's care during the flight.

Ambulance flight safely and reliably - we help

Repatriation flight in Europe

A repatriation flight provides reliable and fast transport back to your home country when you fall ill or are injured abroad and regular scheduled flights are not possible for one reason or another.

Patient transport and transfer

Patient transport ensures your access to appropriate care, wherever you are in Europe. On our flights, patients can receive hospital-level care throughout their journey.

Ambulance flight

Our well-equipped aircraft enables safe air transport of patients with features that match hospital-level conditions. In addition to the crew, the aircraft can accommodate two patients and two medical staff.

Cessna Citation II

All our flights are operated with a Cessna Citation II. In addition to our own crew, the flights can accommodate two members of the medical staff and have beds for two patients. The aircraft's range and operating costs are optimised to cover the main European destinations without stopovers.

Aircraft information

The cabin can be equipped with the necessary treatment equipment

  • Intensive care equipment
  • Air pressure control system

Number of persons

  • Beds for two patients
  • Space for two members of the medical staff
  • Flight crew: 2 pilots

Dimensions and other data

  • Passenger cabin width 1,5 m
  • Cabin height 1,4 m
  • Cabin length 4,8 m
  • Operating range 2,000 km
  • Average speed 750 km/h

Regional Air Ambulance

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